The 80's Called...

The 80's called... will you answer the call? 

Welcome to the Santa Speedo Run page that's drowning in Hi-C Ecto Cooler, jamming to Hall & Oates, rocking the Vaurnets, and high-fiving like Teenwolf. The decade that brought you the running man dance has brought together a squad of A-Team loving men and woman looking to raise money for a great cause.

As the only charity supported by both Madonna and Anthony Michael Hall, The PlayBall Foundation carries a distinct 80's pedigree. PlayBall is an organization dedicated to helping the children of Boston through the provision of athletic opportunities.  Mike Tyson once quipped that "it is the playballsiest charity I've ever seen... a real knockout!".  

Through their commitment, the dudes and dudettes running on this team have demonstrated a Thundercats level of bravery, a "Trivial Pursuit, Genus Edition" level of intelligence, a Magnum P.I. level of bravado, and a Patrick Bateman level of crazy.  They are putting themselves out there for the good of others, and that's what's most important. 

So hike up your tube socks, raise as much money as possible, and let's get radical.

PlayBall and the 80's called... on a landline... will you answer the call?

Funds raised: $19,030 of $10,000


Thank you donors
Mary Foley : $500
Brian Bailey : $50