Scott Davies | Saturday is for the Speedos

This upcoming weekend will be my 2nd icy Santa Speedo Run through the streets of Boston for my favorite charity,The Play Ball Foundation! Last year I joined the Foundation in running the Speedo run and took it a step further this year by joining the event committee, so I can help give back to Boston inner city kids. Our goal is to raise $250,000 through the SSRun to support the 2,300 middle school kids playing sports!

PB's mission today is to create and expand team sports opportunities for middle school age urban youth who are at a pivotal time of physical and emotional development. As many of us can personally relate, through the experience of team sports, PB seeks to inspire young athletes to succeed in school, become engaged in their school communities and develop life skills that will make them better prepared to enter high school and beyond.

The event is Saturday, December 10 and I’m looking for your help. My personal fundraising goal is $700. Any and all support goes a long way towards directly supporting our 2017 sports teams and to kids who grow up to be like Austin and Tomell (See Boston Globe article here).

I know we all have organizations that we support, however I think one thing we can all agree on is how important sports were when we were young, the unforgettable memories with our teams, and most importantly, it taught us the essentials of hard work and perseverance to achieve a common goal. Personally, this was an element of my childhood that I was fortunate enough to have access to that I wholeheartedly believe was as valuable as anything else.

Through my involvement over the last year on this event committee and other smaller foundation events, I've spent a lot of time with the people who run this foundation and they are truly passionate and the results of their efforts are tangible and powerful.

Tune in to the Patriots vs Ravens game on Monday 12/12 to hear fellow PlayBall! supporter/SU Alum, Sean McDonough, talk about the Foundation and see footage from our football championships at Harvard Stadium.

Thank you for your consideration & support,


Funds raised: $350 of $700


Thank you donors
Jenna Davies : $20
Stay warm Scotty!
Beane Stephen : $50
Great cause! Have fun!!
Christopher Staats
Sportin' a speedo in the cold for a good cause!
Bob Davies
Tom & Diane Davies
Catherine Alberson : $30
Pictures for proof!!!!