Michael Manganelli | Everyone Gets A Trophy

Thank you for visiting my Santa Speedo Run fundraising page! 

I appreciate your contribution and encouragement to run in my skivvies for a great local cause! 100% of your donation supports The PlayBall! Foundation's Boston middle school sports programs for underserved youth. Team sports opportunities inspire them to succeed in middle school, high school, and life. 

Your donation will get kids suited up on the field, on the court, and on the ice! 

Funds raised: $1,219 of $1,000


Thank you donors
Anonymous : $30
Run like the dickens
Micah Bolotin : $20
Everyone gets a trophy
Craig Melillo
Good luck on the little ziti run
Sam Bush : $10
michael mcgowan
Bryan Luther
Better hope its not too cold.... good luck
David Sanford : $150
Video or it didn’t happen
Samantha Heller
Nancy Freehling : $50
Silas Larson : $30
On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen
Nick Freehling : $30
Good luck boss
Theresa Manganelli : $75
Good luck Michael! Great cause!
Lauren Albanese : $20
you're a saint
Deborah Bode : $20
Go Mike!
Nicole Eaves
Good Luck!
Steve O'Brien : $25
have leider stretch out that hammy for you before you run
Samantha Lay-Folck
Richard McCormick : $50
You're doing good work. (And it's good to see that this time you'll be wearing something and your UVM buddy from NJ won't break a leg.)
Marc Malpeli : $50
Freeze your balls off
Jack Chase : $10
David Roberto : $69
Megan Rotella : $20
A little more to reach your goal. Have fun!
Erin Donovan : $75
Amanda Cohen : $10
Chris McMillan : $75
So Proud of you Mike
Alan Nguyen : $20
Long live the Mullet
Christiane Boezio : $25
I’ve been waiting for someone I know to do this. Rock it, cuz.
Lauren Bode : $25
Better run fast to stay warm! Have fun!!!
Brendan Coffey : $25
Paul Manganelli
Go Mike!
Jill Manganelli
Oh boy.....
Brina Pochal : $10
Please don't scare any kids ??????
Mark Manganelli