Cara Pattullo | Season’s Eatings

Sports played a huge part in my childhood and has shaped who I am in adulthood. I can't imagine missing out on the opportunities, friendships, and experiences because my family couldn't afford registration fees or my school didn't have the budget for my sport.

I appreciate your contribution and encouragement to run in down Boylston Street in a Speedo in December for a great local cause! 100% of your donation supports The PlayBall! Foundation's Boston middle school sports programs for underserved youth. Team sports opportunities inspire them to succeed in middle school, high school, and life. 

Funds raised: $341 of $400


Thank you donors
Mary Mulcrone : $25
Brian McNiff : $25
I do it for the fame.
Mary Crowley : $50
Best of luck and really do consider a heavyweight tight under the speedo. Maybe flesh tone. You can pull it up to cover your stomach too. Keep cozy.
Cathy Pattullo : $100
Very proud that you are giving back! Love you ??
Ross Weaver : $30
Ellen Buckley : $1
you said $1... #friendsforever
Andrew Jordan : $20
Go Cara!!!
Jeff McCallister : $10
I don't like sports but here's 10 bucks.
Holly Mayton : $5
Consider this year Christmas gifr
Jessy Linzy : $25
I still wish we had been on the same softball team!!!!!
George Banks : $50