Brian Helmes | Santa's Day Off

Thank you for visiting my Santa Speedo Run fundraising page! 

I appreciate your contribution and encouragement to run in my skivvies for a great local cause! 100% of your donation supports The PlayBall! Foundation's Boston middle school sports programs for underserved youth. Team sports opportunities inspire them to succeed in middle school, high school, and life. 

Your donation will get kids suited up on the field, on the court, and on the ice! 

Funds raised: $400 of $400


Thank you donors
Justin Livingston : $290
I'm stoked you found someone that makes you a better person when you're with her. That said, I'm doing this so our insurance premiums don't go up. You know I don't like children... #cleve
David Knick
Go get 'em santa speedo dude! Love, The Knick Family
Anonymous : $100
Please don't deny city kids the privileges we had growing up...anything helps.