ADAM HEMEON | Frightened Turtles

Thank you for visiting my Santa Speedo Run fundraising page, benefiting Play Ball.

For those of you who are not familiar with Play Ball, Concord Resident Mike Harney started the foundation about 11 years ago with the hopes he could provide Boston middle-school aged youth the chance to receive the same opportunity and benefit that athletics provided him as a child. PB's mission today is to create and expand team sports opportunities for middle school age urban youth who are at a pivotal time of physical and emotional development. Through the experience of team sports, PB seeks to inspire young athletes to succeed in school, become engaged in their school communities and develop life skills that will make them better prepared to enter high school.

We now have about 1,000 kids in the Boston Public Middle Schools from about 20 different schools and 50 different teams playing football, volleyball, baseball, Double Dutch, soccer, and ice hockey. In the Lawrence Public Schools, we now have 1,000 kids playing flag football, cheerleading, cross country, soccer, baseball, track, volleyball, golf, field hockey, tennis, and wrestling.

We need to raise $200,000 in the next few months to ensure we can keep the spring programs funded for 2018. Pay-to-Play fees are not affordable for most Boston and Lawrence families, where over 75% of students live at the poverty level. These kids would not be playing sports without our support, because more than 75% of them have never played an organized sport before and more than half have never even tried their sport before. These programs are critical to their physical and emotional development.

I know everyone gets emails like this all year long and we all have our organizations that we support. If you are tapped out this year, I totally understand and thank you for even reading this far. But if you can spare some extra money for Play Ball this year, we would really appreciate it. No amount is too small. It's going to a great place and we're making extraordinary progress.

Your donation will get kids suited up on the field, on the court, and on the ice! 

Funds raised: $6,050 of $7,000


Thank you donors
Mary Boyle : $150
Hey Adam! Hope you had a great ran- great cause!
Drew Sawyer
Danny Costa : $100
Good luck Adam!!
Mass. Eye and Ear : $100
Run Adam Run! We are proud to support you and Anne. Have fun! Your friends at Mass. Eye and Ear
Paul Mustone : $200
Good Luck Adam and Anne, Paul and Carol Mustone
Rob Junkin : $250
See you on the golf course, NOT in Boston!
Lee and Diane Rice : $250
Kent Weldon : $500
Steve Winchester
Wow Can't wait to see the Tiny Banana Hamock! Brrrrrr!
Bruce Daniel : $500
Michael Walton : $250
Casey Nelson : $200
Make sure u pack the heat!
Peter Higgins : $150
Joshua Nelson
Looking forward to the pictures of this one... will be "cool" to see
Robert T. Grant : $100
Brian Moore : $200
Ian Gardiner
Run fast! Stay Warm!
Michael Yacobian : $500
Joseph Ryan : $200
Anne and I are rooting for the Turtles!
Tom and Sharon Burke : $300
Tim & Molly Neher : $500
Jonathan Poole
Happy budgie smuggling...
john sommers
no speedo pics pls!
Kyle Spellman : $200
Michael Manning : $100
John McGee : $100
David Shultz
Eric Knapp : $150
Good luck Adam. Hope it’s not too cold the day of the race!
Jay Wick : $100
Charles Cope : $100