Katie Small | Hot Toddies!!!

Thank you for visiting my Santa Speedo Run fundraising page! 

I appreciate your contribution and encouragement to run in my skivvies for a great local cause! 100% of your donation supports The PlayBall! Foundation's Boston middle school sports programs for underserved youth. Team sports opportunities inspire them to succeed in middle school, high school, and life. 

Your donation will get kids suited up on the field, on the court, and on the ice! 

Funds raised: $3,130 of $5,000


Thank you donors
Evan Ricker
Chris Morse : $150
Scott Fox
Meagan MacNutt : $100
Jessica Lynn Marino : $25
yes!!! get em girl!!
sophie Goodwillie
Good luck !!
Ryan Phillips
Have Fun!!!
Liz Strawbridge
Yay Katie!!!!! So much love to you for this great cause!
Margery Fenwick
Go get em, Katie!
Prescott Stewart : $25
This donation is dependent upon you beating Ben to the finish line!
Rory Fivek
Go Katie and the Hot Toddy team!
Erika Chaset
Wahoo!!! Run, Katie, Run!!!
Tara Pullen
Just remember - there are no points for second place. :)
Chris Pachios
Anonymous : $250
Lauren Lipscomb
Hoping for a December heat wave for you..!
Whitney Dowling
Run KK!
Michael Lynch : $50
A COLD sacrifice for a WORTHY cause. Good luck!
Christopher Krein : $50
Carly Melton : $50
This is amazing. Please tell Ben to wear a Borat suit.
john duffy : $250
Pictures required. It is expected you will beat Ben in the fund raising the reace, and the looks !!!
catherine shortsleeve : $200
KT: Hoping you beat Ben's fundraising effort this year!!! And if not, rest assured that you will look better doing the run :) .... xoxoxox. - Cara
Karen Curran : $50
Stay warm!
Lauren Beresford : $100
Abby Jenney
Run fast and stay warm!!
Shayna Carr
I'm cold just looking at these pictures. Go get em' GIRL!!!!
Kathy and Rocky krein : $500
For our favorite hot toddy!!
carolyn mowat : $20