BENJAMIN SMALL | Magic Mike's Team

Hello friends,

Tis the season yet again for an icy speedo run through the streets of Boston with the SSRunners for my favorite charity, The Play Ball Foundation! I am the Chair of the Development Committee on Play Ball's Board and this year's year-end development efforts are more important than ever, as we have almost doubled our total number of kids served in the last year!  

Last year's goal was to launch our programs in Lawrence, MA and get another 1,000 kids playing sports.  We accomplished that goal, so we now have 1,200 kids in the Boston Public Middle Schools from 22 schools on 57 teams playing football, volleyball, baseball, Double Dutch, soccer, and ice hockey.  In the Lawrence Public Schools, we now have 1,000 kids playing flag football, cheerleading, cross country, soccer, baseball, track, volleyball, golf, field hockey, tennis, and wrestling. 

We need to raise $200,000 in the next few months to ensure we can keep the spring programs funded for 2017.  Pay-to-Play fees are not affordable for most Boston and Lawrence families, where over 75% of students live at the poverty level.  These kids would not be playing sports without your help and we have to keep them out on the field, because more than 75% of them have never played an organized sport before and more than half have never even tried their sport before. 

The event is this Sat, Dec 10 in case anyone would like to join us. We need more runners to help us raise this much needed money. I am shooting to raise $10,000 personally so I can try to be 5% of the total raise. Can you help me get there? 

Thank you very much for your consideration and Happy Holidays.


Funds raised: $7,650 of $10,000


Thank you donors
Andrew Kenney
better late than never, bro
Nicholas Whitman
Great you keep this going Ben.
Barbara Fivek
A wonderful cause.
Merideth DeLamarter : $200
Ethan Hugo : $200
George Colony : $500
Douglas Brawn : $50
Edward Mills : $50
Go Ben Go!
Joe Nardini : $100
Randy Binner : $50
Mike Crowley : $300
Shayna Carr
Great work you all are doing!!! Thank you:)
Carey Strobeck : $1,000
Anonymous : $100
Christopher Pachios : $250
Santa Benny!
Elizabeth Needham : $100
Kathy and Rocky Krein : $500
We are happy to contribute to Ben and all the great work done at Play Ball!
Scott Malm : $50
Andrew Carey
Make sure to grease up!!!
Everett Bramhall : $200
Andrew Joiner : $100
Daniels Matt : $500
Good luck Ben. Great charity and event.
Jonathan K Sprole : $150
Good luck Ben!!!
James Lipscomb : $50
Warm the chestnuts by an open fire afterward
Kevin Burke : $100
Go Ben!
Wendy and Jim Krayer
Best of luck Ben!
Jason Fivek : $200
Jeffrey Miller : $100
Buck Russell : $100
William Barton
Betsy & Steve Rosen : $100
Andrew Thut : $200
Nicholas Kondon : $150
Good luck, Ben!!
Anonymous : $100
Joseph Goodwin : $100
Keep up the good work Ben, proud of you.