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Tis the season yet again for my icy speedo run through the streets of Boston with the SSRunners for my favorite charity, The Play Ball Foundation! . Our goal is to raise $250,000 through the SSRun to support the 2,300 middle school kids playing sports! The event is Saturday, December 10. I am looking for your help by joining my team or by making a donation. My personal fundraising goal is $10,000, can you help me get there?

The link to my donation page is insert donation page: http://ssrunners.org/HarneyMichael47

For those of you who are not familiar with Play Ball, The foundation was formed about 10 years ago with the hopes to provide Boston middle-school aged youth the chance to receive the same opportunity and benefit that athletics provided so many of us growing up. PB's mission today is to create and expand team sports opportunities for middle school age urban youth who are at a pivotal time of physical and emotional development. Through the experience of team sports, PB seeks to inspire young athletes to succeed in school, become engaged in their school communities and develop life skills that will make them better prepared to enter high school.

Today, Play Ball serves over 2,300 kids in Boston and Lawrence Public Middle Schools. There are now more than 75 teams playing a variety of different sports including: boys and girls soccer, boys and girls hockey, boys football and baseball, and girls volleyball and double dutch. This past year, Play Ball! Began programming in the Lawrence school systems, where 90% of kids live in poverty. Play Ball! Has the opportunity and the resources to make an impact on these kids’ lives, but we need your help to support both programs.

I know everyone receives similar emails, and we all have organizations that we support. But if you have a little to give, remember how important sports were to you as a kid, and please give what you can. No amount is too small. Your donation is going directly to the 2017 sports teams and to kids who grow up to be like Austin and Tomell : (https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/2016/08/27/hand-special-bond-helps-risk-city-kids-reach-college/NThagkwVC880iFjnHXPsFP/story.html)

On game days, countless parents share how Play Ball! has truly impacted their child's life. We'd obviously like to impact some more.

With appreciation,

Mike Harney

The Play Ball! Foundation

Funds raised: $13,201 of $10,000


Thank you donors
Austin Fleming : $50
Just realized I didn't send this in earlier!
Robert Atchinson
Bill Chiodetti
keep up the great work!
Buck Russell : $50
Betsy & Steve Rosen : $100
Eric Brock : $250
Good Luck Mike!!!
Jason Esten
Vincent & Meagan MacNutt
Dan & Jacqui Sullivan
Quincy Jones
Please Send Pics!
Pat Carney : $250
Good luck!
Joshua Howland : $200
Joseph Goodwin : $100
Run Patty Run!
Scott Schroeder : $100
Donna Quirk : $100
You go for it!
Frank Catrickes
Casey Nelson
Vincent Lorusso
Eric DeLamarter : $250
Stephen Griffin : $250
Michael Harney : $250